Diana Kroshilova

Best of India Record – White Sanctum Art Gallery

A few months ago I took part in “Beginning”, International Mail Art Exhibition at the White Sanctum Art Gallery in Bengaluru, India curated by Bindu P. V.

Nowadays Bindu PV’s International Mail Art Exhibition achieved the Best of India Records (BIR) for conducting the Longest International l Mail Art Exhibition.

Bindu P V, owner-cum-curator of White Sanctum Art Gallery and Conservation Centre, Bengaluru, India conducted the longest international mail art exhibition in the country, remarkably on a zero budget, at her art gallery from Sept 1, 2022 to Sept 15, 2023. The 380 days long exhibition had a participation of 118 artists from 34 countries. It also showcased a unique international artistamps collection for 3½ months.