Diana Kroshilova

Chekhov. Theater – Saint Petersburg

I am currently taking part in the International Mail Art Exhibition “Chekhov. Theater” at the Central District Library named after Chekhov in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Chekov is considered to be among the greatest writers of short fiction in history. His career as a playwright produced four classics, and his best short stories are held in high esteem by writers and critics. It is impossible to imagine modern theater and drama without Chekhov’s name.

This is a project about Chekhov and about the theater.

Exhibition Date: January 26, 2023 – March 26, 2023
Exhibition Place: Central District Library named after Chekhov, ul. Turku, 11/1, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Curator: Alevtina Grinmiris
Learn more: https://mailartrussia.com/chekhov

White Sanctum Art Gallery – Beginning

I’m currently taking part in the International Mail Art Exhibition “Beginning” at the White Sanctum Art Gallery in Bengaluru, India.

Exhibition Period: January 2023
Exhibition Place: White Sanctum Art Gallery and Conservation Centre, 5th Main, 4th Cross, WASA Layout, Doddanekkundi, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Curator: BINDU P. V.
Learn more: http://whitesanctum.blogspot.com/

Dwell Time Press

Two of my paintings from “The Lock Down” series were published in Dwell Time publication.

Dwell Time is an award winning, not-for-profit publication reflecting on mental wellbeing, established in 2018 by Alice Bradshaw, Vanessa Haley and Lenny Szrama.

You can read the article here 👉 https://dwelltimepress.wordpress.com/2022/12/20/searching-for-answers-5-escape-2-by-diana-kroshilova/
Learn more about Dwell Time:

Portrait of the artist as a today – México

I am happy to announce forthcoming international group exhibition Retrato del Artista Cuando Hoy (Portrait of the artist as a today) which will be held in Mérida, México this winter.

The exhibition consists of about 60 pieces in the form of postcards created by artists from more than 20 countries, who present their creations in the Mail Art system, with free interpretations of the universal theme of self-portraits. The exhibition opens in February 2023 in Mérida, Mexico and curated by Tchello d’Barros. The exact day of the opening will be announced later. Keep an eye out for new posts.

Today at the Studio

I’m preparing for a group exhibition in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Working on a collage in honor of Anton Chekhov. The opening of the exhibition is expected in January 2023.

POMO IV (Postmodern)

I am currently taking part in the International Mail Art Exhibition called “POMO IV” (Postmodern). The exhibition will run from November 01 to November 30, 2022.

Exhibition Date: 01-30 November 2022
Exhibition Place: Selcuk University, Faculty of Fine Arts Art Gallery, Konya, Türkiye
Curator: Doç.Dr./Assoc.Prof. Hikmet Şahin
Learn more: https://www.mailartexhibition.org/po-mo-iv-2022


Take a look at my previous artworks for the POMO III and POMO II.

Glitch.Art.Br 2021 – Cleber Gazana – Book

Glitch.art.br is an online platform designed to promote, exhibit, and provide a dedicated space for interacting with and discussing Glitch Art.
The Glitch.art.br 2021 International Online Exhibition is organized in Brazil, but is intended for a global audience. The exhibition is free and open to everyone, as it allows for a wider worldwide audience to access an online program that brings together artworks and texts by current artists and researchers.

The voice speaking on behalf of glitch.art.br is Cleber Gazana, a person who identifies with Glitch Art and is concerned with its promotion, exhibition, interaction and discussion. This is an individual initiative without financial or any kind of assistance.

On June 2022, Cleber Gazana published his book entitled “Glitch.Art.Br 2021”, which research this important artistic genre that grows every year. This book is part of the Glitch.art.br 2021 Glitch Art International Online Exhibition. The exhibition is particularly interested in featuring artworks that explore the critical, artistic and free use of technology. This book has three articles that discuss Glitch Art and the use of errors and technology in post-digital art.

My artwork “Error 15” was selected for the exhibition and was included in the Glitch.Art.Br 2021 book.

Download link:
Check out their website for more updates: https://www.glitch.art.br/


Take a look at my previous work entitled “Awareness 8” for the First Edition of the Glitch.art.br. And read more about the first book Glitch.Art.Br 2020.

IV Happening Babilonia – Photo

Here are some photographs of the IV Happening Babilonia that my artwork is being exhibited at the Babilonia Centro de Documentación in Navarrés, Spain.

IV Happening Babilonia at the Babilonia Centro de Documentación, Navarrés, Valencia, Spain. Photo credit Delia Izquierdo Armunia

Venue: Babilonia Centro de Documentación, C/ Remedio nº 15, Navarrés, Valencia, Spain
Date: May 21, 2022
Learn more: http://edicionesbabilonia.com/

IV Happening Babilonia – Navarrés

I am currently taking part in the IV Happening Babilonia at the Babilonia Centro de Documentación. The event is part of the festival Navarrés punto y aparte. 2022.

Navarrés punto y aparte is a collaborative art cultural project promoted by the City Council of Navarrés.

Venue: Babilonia Centro de Documentación, C/ Remedio nº 15, Navarrés, Valencia, Spain
Date: May 21, 2022
Learn more: http://edicionesbabilonia.com/ & https://www.facebook.com/navarres.puntoyaparte