Diana Kroshilova

Jump to the future – 2057

I’m thrilled to announce that my work has been selected for the “LeoniArt Project 2057 – Jump to the future” – International Exhibition of Visionary Art.

Type and dates of the event: It will be a special event, divided in four different phases:

a) In a period between May and August 2023 all the artworks will be collected, printed by resistant material and inserted in a special sealedbox.
The box will be brought in a secret place and buried by Corrado Leoni (LeoniArt). A video about this phase will be published.
The geographical coordinates and right input to track the place will be delivered to trusted young collaborators.

b) After the burial of the box, only the names of the artists involved in the event will be published and mentioned on LeoniArt Projectwebspaces, while the artists and Corrado Leoni (LeoniArt) cannot share or publish the artworks anywhere. The images will remain secret until the opening of the box. If an artwork will be found online or shown in public, it will be automatically disqualified and not more exposed at thefinal exhibition. A big artwork made by Corrado Leoni (LeoniArt), containing a stone with the names of the participants will be displayed inmany future LeoniArt exhibitions from 2023 to 2057 for the promotion of the event.

c) 34 years later, on May 7th 2057 (5-7-57) Corrado Leoni or his trusted collaborators will exhume the box, opening it and publishing the artworks on internet or in other media or sharing device available in that year.

d) After May 2057 Corrado Leoni (LeoniArt) or his trusted collaborators will do their best to organize an exhibition with all the artworks found in the box.

For more information please check out: https://www.leoniartproject.org/


Official kick off event ⬇️