Diana Kroshilova


Nature and me – Belgium

I am currently taking part in the International Mail Art Project “Nature and me” curated by Silvia Dubois.

Exhibition Date: February 2 – February 25, 2024
Exhibition Place: Art Lutgart, Lutgart Site, Stadswal 14, 3580, Beringen, Belgium
Curated by: Silvia Dubois

Tribute to Ibirico – MIDECIANT 

On Thursday, October 26th, in the International Museum of Electrography (MIDECIANT) opened the III International Mail Art Exhibition in tribute to Ibirico.

The Mail Art Exhibition include more than two hundred artworks in various artistic techniques and a selection of the Ibirico’s extensive artwork and the Amae’s fanzines that he directed.

Exhibition Date: October 26 – November 26, 2023
Exhibition Place: SALA ACUA UCLM, C. Colmillo, s/n, Cuenca, Spain
Commissary: Ana Navarrete y Montserrat de Pablo.
Digitalization: Antolín Murcia, Ángela Gracia, Lucía Martín, María Sánchez, Francisco López y Lidia Batanero.
Documentation: Ana Navarrete, Montserrat de Pablo, María Sánchez, Rubén Serna, Margarita Conesa y Ángela Gracia.
Coordination: Adoración Saiz.
Design: CIDI / UCLM.
Assembly: CIC, Vicerrectorado de Cultura, Deporte y Responsabilidad Social, MIDE-CIANT UCLM.
Learn more: http://www.mide.uclm.es/

Floralia – Munich, 2023

I am currently taking part in the “Floralia” International Mail Art Exhibition at the Kunsttreff Moosach. This exhibition is further integrated in the Flower Power Festival, which takes place from 03.02. – 07.10.2023 all over Munich.

Munich in a floral frenzy. And that for nine months. Indoors and outdoors. In parks and gardens, but also surprisingly and differently. On asphalt squares and canvases, in art spaces, lecture halls and restaurants. Theatrically, musically and literarily. And much more. With hundreds of actors.

Everything revolves around the flower. Its aesthetics. Its sustainability. Its science. It is artistic and natural, fascinating and versatile. As multifaceted as the urban society that participates in the festival in the most diverse areas. Munich celebrates.

Exhibition view of “Floralia” International Mail Art Exhibition at the Kunsttreff Moosach, Munich, Germany. Photo credit Susanne Eva Maria Fischbach

At the Flower Power Festival Munich 2023 everything revolves around blossoms, literally but also figuratively. Science, sustainability, plant diversity, garden art, climate change, biodiversity, aesthetics, quality of life – these and many more are conceivable topics that can be staged, be it with exhibitions, workshops, walks, theatre performances, installations and more. Indoors, outdoors and digitally are the festival’s playgrounds.

The Gasteig, Europe’s largest cultural centre, the Munich-Nymphenburg Botanical Garden, BIOTOPIA – Bavaria’s Natural History Museum and the Kunsthalle München are the impetus behind the festival. Many actors can identify with the themes of nature, culture, city and blossom, which describe the core idea of the festival. There are hardly any limits to creativity. Anyone and everyone can participate, that is the basic idea.

In addition to participation, inclusion will play an important role this time. The festival offers the chance to sensitise many people to the topic and at the same time to enable as many people as possible to participate in cultural life. Ideally, this could result in sustainable impulses that move something in our society in the long term.

In the past decades, the depiction of blossoms, flowers, plants or nature in general has always played a major role in the visual arts: Be it that the ornament is used as a stylistic device, as a central, aesthetic-decorative motif, often also symbolically charged. Or whether it is explored thematically by illuminating nature as a habitat or by trying to reflect on and return to nature, especially in the urban environment.
What role does nature play in current contemporary art? How do we reflect on this theme? Do we present an idealised view of the beauty of nature, a “source of power” in aesthetic perception that puts us in a positive mood? As part of our everyday experiences? Or are we portraying new ways of seeing that take into account the influence of humans and their interaction with nature?

– The artist association Kunstrefugium e.V.

The sent artwork can be purchased by visitors at the Kunsttreff for a small donation of at least 5 euros. The donations go directly to the Green City e.V. association, an association aiming to create more green spaces in urban living spaces.
The catalog for the project can be purchased at cost price: 15 Euros + 2,50 Euros shipping costs.

Exhibition Date: September 7 – September 17, 2023
Exhibition Place: Kunsttreff Moosach, Donauwörther Str. 51, 80997 Munich, Germany
Organized by: The artist association Kunstrefugium e.V.
Learn more: https://www.floralia-mailart.de/ & https://www.kunstrefugium.de/ & https://www.flowerpowermuc.de/ & https://www.kunsttreff-moosach.de/

Festival du Roc Castel – 2023

Here are some photographs of the International Mail Art Exhibition “La carte et la cartographie” that my artwork is being exhibited. The event is part of the Festival du Roc Castel 2023.

Exhibition Date: July 27 – July 30, 2023
Exhibition Place: Festival du Roc Castel, Le Caylar, France
Learn more: https://festival-roc-castel.eu/

La vie de château – France

I am currently taking part in the International Mail Art Exhibition “La vie de château” at the Château du Plessis in La Riche, France.

Exhibition Date: June 24 – July 28, 2023
Exhibition Place: Château du Plessis, 118 Rue du Plessis, 37520 La Riche, Indre-et-Loire, France
Learn more: https://mail-art-chateau.blogspot.com/ & https://www.leplessis.net/


Here are some photographs and video of the International Mail Art Exhibition “La Palabra [IN]VISIBLE” where my artwork has been exhibited on the San Pedro Street in Marchena, Spain.

The exhibition is dedicated to the famous writer Italo Calvino on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth.

Exhibition view of “La Palabra [IN]VISIBLE” on the San Pedro Street in Marchena, Spain. Photo credit Mail Art en la Escuela

Video credit: rtvmarchena.es

Exhibition Date: June 12 – June 18, 2023
Exhibition Place: San Pedro Street, Marchena, Sevilla, Spain
Organizers: Mail Art en la Escuela, IES Isidro de Arcenegui, IES López de Arenas
Learn more: https://mailartenlaescuela.blogspot.com/