Diana Kroshilova

Glitch.Art.Br 2021 – Cleber Gazana – Book

Glitch.art.br is an online platform designed to promote, exhibit, and provide a dedicated space for interacting with and discussing Glitch Art.
The Glitch.art.br 2021 International Online Exhibition is organized in Brazil, but is intended for a global audience. The exhibition is free and open to everyone, as it allows for a wider worldwide audience to access an online program that brings together artworks and texts by current artists and researchers.

The voice speaking on behalf of glitch.art.br is Cleber Gazana, a person who identifies with Glitch Art and is concerned with its promotion, exhibition, interaction and discussion. This is an individual initiative without financial or any kind of assistance.

On June 2022, Cleber Gazana published his book entitled “Glitch.Art.Br 2021”, which research this important artistic genre that grows every year. This book is part of the Glitch.art.br 2021 Glitch Art International Online Exhibition. The exhibition is particularly interested in featuring artworks that explore the critical, artistic and free use of technology. This book has three articles that discuss Glitch Art and the use of errors and technology in post-digital art.

My artwork “Error 15” was selected for the exhibition and was included in the Glitch.Art.Br 2021 book.

Download link:
Check out their website for more updates: https://www.glitch.art.br/


Take a look at my previous work entitled “Awareness 8” for the First Edition of the Glitch.art.br. And read more about the first book Glitch.Art.Br 2020.