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Dwell Time Press

Two of my paintings from “The Lock Down” series were published in Dwell Time publication.

Dwell Time is an award winning, not-for-profit publication reflecting on mental wellbeing, established in 2018 by Alice Bradshaw, Vanessa Haley and Lenny Szrama.

You can read the article here 👉 https://dwelltimepress.wordpress.com/2022/12/20/searching-for-answers-5-escape-2-by-diana-kroshilova/
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Glitch.Art.Br 2021 – Cleber Gazana – Book

Glitch.art.br is an online platform designed to promote, exhibit, and provide a dedicated space for interacting with and discussing Glitch Art.
The Glitch.art.br 2021 International Online Exhibition is organized in Brazil, but is intended for a global audience. The exhibition is free and open to everyone, as it allows for a wider worldwide audience to access an online program that brings together artworks and texts by current artists and researchers.

The voice speaking on behalf of glitch.art.br is Cleber Gazana, a person who identifies with Glitch Art and is concerned with its promotion, exhibition, interaction and discussion. This is an individual initiative without financial or any kind of assistance.

On June 2022, Cleber Gazana published his book entitled “Glitch.Art.Br 2021”, which research this important artistic genre that grows every year. This book is part of the Glitch.art.br 2021 Glitch Art International Online Exhibition. The exhibition is particularly interested in featuring artworks that explore the critical, artistic and free use of technology. This book has three articles that discuss Glitch Art and the use of errors and technology in post-digital art.

My artwork “Error 15” was selected for the exhibition and was included in the Glitch.Art.Br 2021 book.

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Check out their website for more updates: https://www.glitch.art.br/


Take a look at my previous work entitled “Awareness 8” for the First Edition of the Glitch.art.br. And read more about the first book Glitch.Art.Br 2020.


I had new experience with the PERIFERIA IMAGINARIA magazine.

Photo credit Prensa Ayuntamiento de Móstoles

PERIFERIA IMAGINARIA is a project of assembled, experimental and rare contemporary art, which was born in the Villa de Móstoles Cultural Centre in 2018 and produced by the Department of Culture. It has the collaboration in its diffusion of the Merchants Federation of Móstoles, and the coordination of Pepe Murciego, artist and co-editor of the magazine La Más Bella.

PERIFERIA IMAGINARIA has created a rolling issue for its fourth edition. A fun and playful cardboard container, shaped like a LETTER P (for Periphery), decorated with arrows and stickers, and mounted on four colourful rubber wheels that allow it to be easily driven to the desired location. A car in which the trunk door is the entrance to the paradise of the seventeen eccentric pages or pieces contained in the magazine.

The signage icons of USTED ESTÁ AQUÍ (YOU ARE HERE) and of TODAS DIRECIONES (ALL DIRECTIONS) mark our location, place us in a certain space or randomly direct us to any other place. They tell us about places and our relationship with them, but also about our existence, our emotions, our human and emotional relationships, our relationship with the world and the people who inhabit it, about the physical and the virtual, in a vital moment in which the idea of distance and the idea of location have to be rethought, walking forward. Both ideas, wandering in a similar and / or contradictory direction, form a conceptual and inspiring part of the PERIFERIA IMAGINARIA 2021 project, the first as the motto of the II International Mail Art Call and the second as the motto of the fourth issue of the assembled, experimental magazine and rare, of the same name.

Photo credit Prensa Ayuntamiento de Móstoles

With 30 copies (not venal), PERIFERIA IMAGINARIA no.4 / TODAS DIRECCIONES (ALL DIRECTIONS) · Que me quiten lo rodao (Nobody can take away the good times travelling), it contains seventeen pages or pieces of visual poetry, small sculpture, painting, graphic design, procedural creation, performance, etc., by twelve artists from Mostóles who are part of its “writing team”, plus two pages of renowned invited artists and three collective pages.

My artwork was included in the Collective pages. Collective pages is a USB with approximately 600 pieces of mail art, submitted by artists from all over the world to the II International Mail Art Call, USTED ESTÁ AQUÍ · YOU ARE HERE.

Check out my previous post about “USTED ESTÁ AQUÍ / YOU ARE HERE” Mail Art Exhibition that my artwork is being exhibited at the Centro Cultural Villa de Móstoles in Móstoles, Spain:

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Glitch.Art.Br 2020 – The Book by Cleber Gazana

I took part in the GLITCH.ART.BR, Glitch Art International Online Exhibition, Post-pandemic First Edition. I wrote about it in one of my previous posts.

Here are some updates: the book Glitch.Art.Br 2020 was published by Cleber Gazana, who also founded and curated GLITCH.ART.BR.
This book has three articles that discuss Glitch Art and the use of errors and technology in post-digital art.

And I’m very excited that my artwork was included in the Glitch.Art.Br 2020 book.

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