Diana Kroshilova

Tribute to Ibirico – MIDECIANT 

On Thursday, October 26th, in the International Museum of Electrography (MIDECIANT) opened the III International Mail Art Exhibition in tribute to Ibirico.

The Mail Art Exhibition include more than two hundred artworks in various artistic techniques and a selection of the Ibirico’s extensive artwork and the Amae’s fanzines that he directed.

Exhibition Date: October 26 – November 26, 2023
Exhibition Place: SALA ACUA UCLM, C. Colmillo, s/n, Cuenca, Spain
Commissary: Ana Navarrete y Montserrat de Pablo.
Digitalization: Antolín Murcia, Ángela Gracia, Lucía Martín, María Sánchez, Francisco López y Lidia Batanero.
Documentation: Ana Navarrete, Montserrat de Pablo, María Sánchez, Rubén Serna, Margarita Conesa y Ángela Gracia.
Coordination: Adoración Saiz.
Design: CIDI / UCLM.
Assembly: CIC, Vicerrectorado de Cultura, Deporte y Responsabilidad Social, MIDE-CIANT UCLM.
Learn more: http://www.mide.uclm.es/